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Nutrition & Naturopathy

During your initial individualised consultation, we will conduct a thorough review of your health-problems and spend the time to understand your personal health journey to achieve good health. Your natural healthcare practitioner can offer clinical screening tests to check your current health status, including blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen levels, iridology, tongue and nail diagnosis, zinc tally testing, and blood tests.

After each health care professional appointment, you will be presecribed an evidence-based treatment plan designed to improve your holistic health. In your follow up consultations, screening tests will be carried out as necessary, allergy and intolerance testing may be requested, but, most importantly, each additional session will be focused towards getting to know how your health condition is progressing and what steps can be taken on the continued road to improving your health and vitality.

Wholehearted Values

Growing up on a farm in the northern Toowoomba region, I, Gillian Plant, have always had a great appreciation of the benefits of eating whole foods. 

However, like many healthcare practitioners, my journey into natural medicines came from a place of learning how to manage my own illness symptoms, which turned into a passion of figuring out how to solve the root cause of diseases on each individual level. This led me to becoming accredited by completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and Masters of Public Health.

Rather than focusing on diseases, I treat people and use different therapeutic techniques to suit the needs of each person, from liquid herbal medicines and nutritional supplementation, through to lifestyle and dietary changes. It’s a holistic approach to health.

While I have a special interest in immune challenges, including food allergies and sensitivities, I treat people of all ages and walks of life, from early childhood to sunset years. By taking the time to get to know you and your imbalances and health concerns properly, we are able to target the root cause of your symptoms, while empowering you to take control of your health for the future.


Naturopaths use a combination of diet and lifestyle modifications, along with therapeutic interventions such as herbal and nutritional supplementation to aid the healing process. A wide range of health-problems can be treated including hormonal imbalances, thyroid, cholesterol, fertility and more. Read more about it here.

Herbal medicines can be either liquid herbal extracts which use alcohol, glycerine, or water to extract the herbal constituents, or encapsulated or herbal tablets which are either made from whole plant parts or specific herbal constituents. 

To ensure efficacy of herbal medicines in Australia, high performance liquid chromatography is used to identify exactly which herbal constituents are in herbal medicines. This how herbalists and naturopaths are able to assess exactly which herb is right for you when prescribing a herbal formula.

There are many chemical constituents found in herbs which can have adverse effects or interactions with pharmaceuticals, which is why its important to consult a qualified naturopath or herbalist before taking herbal medicines.

Possibly! Seeing a naturopath and/or a nutritionist like myself means that you are willing to take action to make active dietary and lifestyle changes towards your own health. If you have any concerns if your condition or query is best suited to a naturopath, book in for a free 15 minute discovery call and we can see if it’s best suited for you. 

In Australia, naturopathy is currently an unregistered profession. This means that, irrespective of their qualifications, anyone can call themselves a naturopath. However, there are a few fantastic associations that any well educated and experienced naturopath will be connected too. 

The following associations demand a high level of qualification and continued professional education, and it’s recommended that you check to ensure a naturopath holds a membership before engaging with them. Members are held to a high standard code of ethics with:

After each appointment, my clients leave with a new layer of health education, personalised dietary and lifestyle guidance, and a thorough email with the discussed treatment plan. Nutritional or herbal medicines may be suggested as a part of your treatment plan, but the choice is yours if you wish to take them. I always offer dietary and lifestyle alternatives to implement alongside any other treatment. 

Everyone is different. But I generally find that 4 to 6 sessions over a 3 to 4 month period tends to do the trick in many cases. However, this may be shorter if your main complaint is an acute condition requiring only 2 to 3 visits. 

By the completion of your first session we will discuss the range of interventions and routes we can take with your health complaints and the likely time-frame involved. 

Naturopaths don’t replace your GP⁠—we work well alongside your GP in order to achieve your health goals.

If you are experiencing high fever; shortness of breath; sudden dizziness, weakness, or change in vision; numbness or pain in the left side of your body; suspected broken bones; head or spinal injury; bleeding that will not stop; severe abdominal pain or pressure; or any other acute, sudden changes in your health, please contact emergency services immediately on 000.


Find out how evidence-based natural health and wellness treatments can help throughout each season of life.